Pak Nai, Lau Fau Shan

Pak Nai (Chinese: 白泥) is a wetland area, partly mud-bank, surrounded by mountain ranges, in the Yuen Long District of Hong Kong facing Deep Bay (aka. Shenzhen Bay). Pak Nai makes up the coastline as Sheung Pak Nai (上白泥) and Ha Pak Nai (下白泥) geographically. Pak Nai is famous for its ecosystem which comes with rich biodiversity, with rare species found offshore. In recent years, the public has paid concern to a controversial development proposal, which eventually was dropped under objections. Besides its rich ecosystem, Pak Nai is known for its sunset views and historically-significant sites dating back to a couple thousand years ago. [Wikipedia]

Sunset of an empire

Ha Pak Nai @ Hong Kong by Maggie Lai on
Ha Pak Nai by Chow C.Y. on

Sunset - Ha Pak Nai

Location of the Sunset