Godzilla Rock, Akita

Oga Quasi-National Park (男鹿国定公園, Oga Kokutei Kōen) is a quasi-national park on the Oga Peninsula, in Akita Prefecture, in far northwestern Japan. The park is wholly within the city of Oga. It is rated a protected landscape (Category V) according to the IUCN.The area was designated a quasi-national park on May 15, 1973.Like all quasi-national parks in Japan, the park is managed by the local prefectural government; in this case, that of Akita prefecture. [Wikipedia]
Sunset of Godzilla rock by Eydis El on 500px.com
Godzilla Rock(Sunset) by Nao Yasu on 500px.com
GODZILLA Rock by Shingo   on 500px.com

Godzilla Rock

Location of the Sunset