Arashiyama Park, Arashiyama, Kyoto
Photo Source: Poomillust

Arashiyama Park, Arashiyama, Kyoto

UniquenessThe sunset watched here, how different is it from the others?
VisibilityIs the sunset likely to be seen from the location?
AccessibilityHow easy is it to get to the location? ("-" means the location cannot be revisited at will)
CrowdHow busy is the location? ("-" means the location has no public access or I was on the move)
OverallIs this location worth a sunset visit?

Arashiyama is a district on the western outskirts of Kyoto, Japan. It is an area full of tourist friendly features and events all year round. Cherry trees bloom in spring and leaves turn red in autumn, with the Togetsukyō Bridge notable for its views of cherry blossoms and autumn colors on the slopes of Arashiyama. The Iwatayama Monkey Park on the slopes of Arashiyama. Over 170 monkeys live at the park. While the monkeys are wild, they have become accustomed to humans. The park is on a small mountain not far from the Saga-Arashiyama rail station. Visitors can approach and photograph the monkeys. At the summit is a fenced enclosure where visitors can feed the monkeys. There is the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove which is probably the most attractive location for photographers, although it might be difficult to see sunset from the inside.

  • There are many unique scenery offering great setup for sunset photography.
  • It is a little disappointing that lying on the west is a high mountain, meaning the best moment of the sunset cannot be seen in Arashiyama. You can only watch the early sunset before it disappears behind the mountain which is usually an hour or more before final sunset which is not ideal for the colors.
  • Arashiyama is accessible by the Keifuku Electric Railroad from central Kyoto or by the Hankyū Arashiyama Line from Katsura, with connections from Osaka and Kyoto Karasuma station. Additionally, the JR Saga Arashiyama Station is located in the district’s suburbs. It is also recommended to drive here with a rental car, as it can be convenient to visit other nearby attractions around Kyoto.
  • During the festive dates such as the cherry blossom season or the maple leaves event, it can get extremely crowded. Even without the live events, this small but tourist friendly area is often packed with local and overseas tours flooding the place. However, 90% of the crowds will be gone by the time you take sunset photos since most tourists prefer to return to Kyoto or Osaka for their evening dining and shopping.
Arashiyama Park, Arashiyama, Kyoto
Photo Source: The Sunset Blog

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