CCTV Headquarters, Beijing
Photo Source: The Sunset Blog

CCTV Headquarters, Beijing

UniquenessThe sunset watched here, how different is it from the others?
VisibilityIs the sunset likely to be seen from the location?
AccessibilityHow easy is it to get to the location? ("-" means the location cannot be revisited at will)
CrowdHow busy is the location? ("-" means the location has no public access or I was on the move)
OverallIs this location worth a sunset visit?

The CCTV Headquarters or China Central Television Headquarters is a 234-metre (768 ft), 51-story skyscraper in the Beijing Central Business District (CBD). Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren of OMA were the architects in charge for the building, while Cecil Balmond at Arup provided the complex engineering design. The main building is not a traditional tower, but a loop of six horizontal and vertical sections covering 5,090,000 sq ft of floor space, creating an irregular grid on the building’s facade with an open center. The construction of the building is considered to be a structural challenge, especially because it is in a seismic zone. Because of its radical shape, it is said that a taxi driver first came up with its nickname dà kùchǎ (大裤衩), roughly translated as, “big boxer shorts”. Locals often refer to it as “big pants”.

  • Its unique shape will add variety score to the sunset shots you are going to take.
  • With all the tall buildings in the CBD area, it is difficult to view the sunset.
  • Since it is the CBD, it is very convenient to reach the spot.
  • This is not really a tourist attraction as the building is not open for public access and has no shopping or dining facilities inside, therefore you will not find a crowd nearby. However, it is still situated at a main street, so you need to expect a lot of pedestrian and traffic especially during sunset which is the rush hour after work.

Location of the Sunset