Kornhausbrücke, Bern
Photo Source: The Sunset Blog

Kornhausbrücke, Bern

UniquenessThe sunset watched here, how different is it from the others?
VisibilityIs the sunset likely to be seen from the location?
AccessibilityHow easy is it to get to the location? ("-" means the location cannot be revisited at will)
CrowdHow busy is the location? ("-" means the location has no public access or I was on the move)
OverallIs this location worth a sunset visit?

The Kornhausbrücke is a road bridge in the Swiss capital of Bern. It spans the river valley of the Aare and connects the old town in district I with the quarters Altenberg, Spitalacker and Breitenrain of district V to the north. It is named after the Bernese Kornhaus, leads from the Kornhausplatz, where the Stadttheater Bern is located next to the Kornhaus, to the Viktoriaplatz and is 382 m long. It is an arch bridge with steel half-timbered arches and overhead, elevated carriageway.

  • The focus here is not the bridge itself, but it is the snowy mountain range on the far background because they are illuminated in pink color during sunset, making it a very special view.
  • Visibility of the sunset is not possible as it is facing the wrong direction, it can only catch the color of the twilight.
  • Area is well connected with public transport.
  • There will not be any crowd at all on the bridge but occasion pedestrians walking by.
Kornhausbrücke, Bern
Photo Source: Captures.ch

Location of the Sunset