Yumihari-no-Oka Hotel, Sasebo
Photo Source: The Sunset Blog

Yumihari-no-Oka Hotel, Sasebo

UniquenessThe sunset watched here, how different is it from the others?
VisibilityIs the sunset likely to be seen from the location?
AccessibilityHow easy is it to get to the location? ("-" means the location cannot be revisited at will)
CrowdHow busy is the location? ("-" means the location has no public access or I was on the move)
OverallIs this location worth a sunset visit?

Well-positioned in Sasebo, Yumihari No Oka Hotel is the ideal point of departure for your excursions in Nagasaki. Only 6km from the city center, the hotel’s strategic location ensures that guests can quickly and easily reach many local points of interest. The hotel has an open terrace and pool area with a stunning view of the famous ‘Kujukushima’. Although called Kujukushima (literally translates to ‘ninety-nine islands’ and referring to the fact that there are so many), there are approximately 208 small islands in the area. Located inside Saikai National Park, the area has been registered in the “Most Beautiful Bays in the World” club.

  • Very unique location for a hotel with a precious view of the sunset, allowing you to take photos and videos undisturbed with comfortable environment.
  • View of the sunset and the 99 islands is unbelievably good, one of the best sunset views from a hotel in the world.
  • You have to be staying in this hotel to enjoy this great view, and you have to come here by car.
  • Won’t be a crowd here as the hotel limits access to guests only.

Location of the Sunset